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ESTRELA is a handmade Canadian modern jewelry brand designed in the Ottawa Capital Region. The entire jewelry line evokes glamour with a modern edge that leaves you feeling ready to face the world with style and confidence.

Josée Lalonde, Creative Director, ESTRELA Jewelry
Our jewels are proudly handcrafted locally in support of our community. And because we want to make a difference in the world and protect our planet, we strive to offer high-quality designs that last through the years as a sustainable alternative to throw-away fast fashion. We also propose our selection of carefully curated pieces that compliment our own creations.

We love the combination of Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, chains, leather and internationally curated elements to create an overall glam rock look – All our jewelry has a 90-day warrantee.

Taking pride in being bold and versatile, Estrela jewellery is coveted among women of different ages and lifestyles, who share the quality of being clear and comfortable with who they are.

Whether worn on a daily basis or on special occasions like prom, a gala, or your own unconventional wedding, ESTRELA possesses that ingredient that says you have style with an edge.

It’s our destiny… and it rocks!